Best places to visit in Aruba

Aruba is a beautiful island recognized as one of the most beautiful in the Caribbean. The island has several beautiful places with paradisiacal landscapes that invite you to enjoy its wonderful landscapes.

That is why we recommend some of the most interesting sites on the Island

  1. The natural pool

Why recommend the natural pool ?

It is a saltwater pool between the rocks and the waves of the beautiful Caribbean sea, it is located in the Arikok National Park .. The natural space was formed by rocks and circles of volcanic stones, The rugged terrain surrounding the pool makes it accessible only by double traction vehicles (4×4), there is a rustic path that leads to the place from the park entrance.

ADDRESS: Natural Pool, Santa Cruz, Aruba Arikok National Park

  1. Baby Beach

It is a shallow beach with crystal clear waters and white sand with updated facilities located near Mangle Cora in Seroe Colorado at the southeast of the island of Aruba. It is called Baby Beach since the water is so calm that it is very safe for Children, due to its calm waters, snorkeling on this beach is safe for the whole family. Excellent place to dive. Important that when passing the shallow area caution is required due to strong currents.

ADDRESS: Via San Nicolás Seroe Colorado

  1. The California lighthouse

The California lighthouse is a lighthouse located on the northeast tip of Aruba Island. It is a structure that was built by a French architect between 1914 and 1916 with more than 98 feet high, the lighthouse was named in honor of the steaming California that was shipwrecked near there on September 23, 1891. It is a stone construction and the shape of the tower is conical. The location is ideal to enjoy the wonderful views and sunsets of the island and around it you will find an area of ​​sand dunes and an excellent landscape.

ADDRESS: L.G. Smith Blvd, Noord, Aruba, It is located near the Tierra del Sol golf course.

  1. Boca Catalina

Boca Catalina is a small bay that is located just north of Palm Beach in the Malmok Beach area, a small sandy strip that extends to the north of Aruba. It is a beach of white sand and crystal clear waters with comfortable space to park the vehicles near the main road. It is a fairly frequented beach with very calm currents and a good family atmosphere, good beach to dive and have a pleasant time and fun.

ADDRESS: Malmok Beach Area

  1. Bushiribana Ruins

Remains of an old gold factory of the 19th century, the mining company of the Island of Aruba built the Bushiribana smelter in 1825 to extract gold from the nearby hills of Ceru Plat, operated for ten years. Today its remains are a stopping point of the tourists who is heading to the Natural Bridge of Aruba that collapsed on September 2nd, 2005.

ADDRESS: Via Old Natural Bridge Gold Factory.

  1. Alto Vista Chapel

It is a small Catholic chapel also known as Pilgrim’s Church is located in the hills on the north coast of the sea and northeast of the city of Noord on the Island of Aruba. It is the first church that was established in Aruba, it was built with stone walls and thatched roof. The Church painted on its exterior with a bright yellow color makes it a religious monument worth visiting. The current Alto Vista chapel was completed in 1952 and is located in the same location as the original chapel that was built in 1750 by Domingo Silvestre, the Venezuelan missionary of Santa Ana de Coro Venezuela in 1750. It was dedicated to Mother Santa Maria, the “Mother of the Rosary “and, therefore, is considered exceptional in Aruba.

ADDRESS: Noord, Aruba

  1. Quadirikiri Cave

Cave. It is notable for its two large dome-shaped cameras that are illuminated with sunlight through holes in the ceiling, the entrance to the cave is at the base of the cliff this cave of 492 feet Long it is also an nesting site for numerous small nocturnal bats that are harmless, to preserve the natural habitat of the cave and for the bats to reproduce one of the caves is prohibited for visitors.The dark tunnels of the Quadirikiri cave They are an interesting experience for tourists.

The Quadirikiri cave system is also a natural well of historical value The original inhabitants of the island, the Arawak Indians, left many drawings on the cave walls that represent the history and culture of Aruba.

ADDRESS: Arikok National Park, Aruba

  1. The Tunnel of love

Huliba Cave it is also known as Baranca Sunu which means “Naked Rock” is a cave on the Island of Aruba dubbed the Tunnel of Love for its heart-shaped entrance, the

Entrance is done through a steep and narrow staircase that plunges into the cave, has five entrances in some places, you have to bend down to see the formations, flashlights will be needed to explore the 300-foot corridor of a long corridor as it is totally dark inside the cave .The cave is full of stalagmite formations and stalactites in limestone rocks. Two species of bats that reside in this cave are leptonycteris curasoae and the macroglossus sobrinus.

ADDRESS: Arikok National Park

  1. Ostrich Farm

Ostrich Farm, Come and discover everything about this wonderful species, its breeding habits, defense mechanism and everything you should know about this wonderful species. Live and share this great experience.

ADDRESS: Matividiri 57, Paradera, Aruba

  1. Philips Animal Garden

Why recommend Philip’s Animal Garden. It is a non-profit organization that focuses on rescuing exotic animals in Aruba, was founded in 2009 and offers interactive and educational visits, where you can enjoy a close experience with exotic animals

ADDRESS: Alto Vista 116, Noord, Aruba

  1. Boca Prins Bar and Restaurant

Enjoy international meals, varied cocktails, beers and various liquors at the bar. Delight yourself with a wonderful view of the coast, spectacular sand dunes, cacti and diverse landscapes while enjoying a natural environment and fresh air.

ADDRESS: San Fuego 70, 7, Aruba.

Best places to visit in Aruba
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