Terms and conditions

  1. At the time of requesting the rental of the vehicle we require a credit card for the payment of the deposit and a valid driver’s license. Which must be presented by the customer at our counter for signing the contract, it should be noted that we do not accept debit cards to make the hold of the deposit while to make the payment of the rental of the vehicle debit cards and cash money are accepted.
  2. The client or additional driver strictly as stipulated in the rental contract, are authorized to drive the vehicle. The client and additional drivers must be of legal age to drive 23 years, as stipulated in Aruba law. In the event of an accident and the driver is not the client or additional driver the insurance is invalidated and the client will be fully responsible for all direct and indirect damages and losses caused to the vehicle.
  3. In the case of third party insurance the deductible will be the amount of $ 100.00 US dollars
  4. In the event of an accident, you should call 165, if you know that your insurance covers collision by your credit card company, call it immediately and get a case / claim number, because if you are guilty of accident, all damages will be charged to your credit card as soon as the report is received. Contact our commercial office at (297) 582 4828 or cell number 5924614 to report the accident. Be sure to get information from the other party involved, such as the name of the driver, the license plate number, the place where the car is insured and the name of the agent who took the accident information, it could be a police officer or Forensys agent.
  5. The driver must respect the speed limit allowed in Aruba, which sets 30 km / h speed limit in urban areas, 60 km / h limits outside the city and 80 km / h on fast roads. Driver exceeding the speed limit allowed when driving, the insurance will be immediately canceled. Exceed the limit Speed ​​is not allowed. You must drive at the permitted speed and in case the road is wet you should reduce the speed and drive wisely.
  6. At the time of receiving the vehicle, you must verify the gasoline marker because when delivering the vehicle and closing the contract you must have the same amount of gasoline that was delivered. Otherwise, in case of delivering the vehicle with an amount less than the gasoline marker with which you received the vehicle at the beginning of the contract, you will be charged double the cost to the equivalent remaining in gasoline. We do not make refunds in case the customer delivers the vehicle with a surplus of gasoline.
  7. In the event that the vehicle exhibits any mechanical damage, flat tires, or problems with the car key to open and close the vehicle. The customer can call our commercial office at the telephone number (297) 582 4828 during office hours or you can also call our roadside assistance service at the number (297) 737 7773 “The roadside assistance service is completely free ”
  8. To make the delivery of the vehicle the customer must do so according to the time scheduled in his contract, if you need to make any change of date time or coordinate the delivery site you must notify us in advance to Tel. (297) 582 4828 during office hours or cell phone 592 4614.
  9. In the event that the client presents a change of schedule on his flight or delay of the same the client must contact the offices of Optima Car Rental and we will gladly make the exception of waiting to receive the client.
  10. In the event that at the time of delivery of the vehicle it is extremely dirty inside either with stains on the lining of the seats, doors, floor mat with excess beach sand) automatically the customer will receive a charge of US $ 150.00 to perform the cleaning work corresponding to the vehicle
  11. Smoking or eating is not allowed in vehicles.
  12. In case of violation of the terms and conditions of the vehicle rental contract or of not taking C.D.W or optional collision insurance. The customer will be responsible for all losses, damages, towing of the vehicle or any other expense that generates regardless of whom fault it is.
    1. In the event that the client takes additional collision CDW insurance and suffers damage to the vehicle equivalent to the deductible of the optional insurance taken by the client. The client authorizes Optima Car Rental to charge to their credit card the amount corresponding to pay for the damage or the equivalent to the insurance deductible taken by the client, either at the same time or after leaving the island.
    2. In the event that the client does not have additional CDW insurance and collides the vehicle or will deliver it with any involuntary damage or will cause any type of mechanical damage due to negligence while driving, the client authorizes Optima Car Rental to charge his / her credit card the corresponding amount to pay for the damage, either at the same time or after leaving the island.
    3. During the holidays or weekends, it will not be possible to obtain a quote of the damages that the vehicle could present in this case the client will have to sign an authorization to charge an estimated amount of damage on the credit card, so Soon we have all the necessary documentation, we will send it by email and we will charge the actual amounts on the credit card, all the documentation will be sent by email to the client.